Updating technology third world country

As opposed to the unaffordable and inaccessible screening done by mammography, POC could use technology to save the lives of thousands of women across the world.POC, however, isn’t the only company relying on technology to improve the world.Furthermore, when combined with open access, m-health can increase transparency and accountability of government in delivering healthcare.Using their phones, patients in rural areas can now report absenteeism or corruption, for example.

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Expanding the R&D work force is not a challenge to be taken lightly.

In 1964, Princeton University convened a small colloquium on the U. government’s nascent program to send astronauts to the moon.

As a first-year assistant professor of economics, my assignment was to analyze the economic costs and benefits of what became the Apollo program.

They argued that only a very few large developing countries, such as India, would have the technical and human resources required, and so they urged countries to concentrate on computer applications.

With respect to social impacts, they felt that developing countries would experience social issues such as unemployment, privacy threats and the need for skills development similar to the industrially advanced countries.


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