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Everyone knows that Tay’s cats, Meredith and Olivia, are pretty much her babies and BFFs rolled into one – she even takes them on trips on her private jet, FGS – and now Drake is trying to win over her feline friends.A source told Hollywood Life, “Drake knows the way to Taylor's heart and he's going for it in a big way.Other new shows appearing on MTV soon include the Jersey Shore spinoff The Show With Vinny, as well as scripted fodder like Twisted and The Fosters.Shain Gandee and Joey Mulcahy were up in Wolfpen Hollow, the hardscrabble West Virginia cranny where Shain had grown up, when the producer approached them. A neighbor had sent him their way, and Shain’s truck looked promising: muddy, a rebel flag in back, squirrel tails hanging off the antenna. “We took him up on top of the hill in Shain’s truck,” Joey recalls, “with two or three other girls and another dude, and we threw them all in a mud hole, and they mud wrestled, and we just had fun, and we went through a mud hole a couple times in our truck.He was like, ‘You all are crazy.’ ” Afterward, when Shain told his mom he’d taken a Hollywood producer mudding, Loretta Gandee says, “I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ ” Half a year later, when the production company phoned to follow up—Paramount Pictures came up on the caller I.D.—Shain had forgotten all about it and ignored the calls. Best friends since childhood, Shain was a garbageman for the City of South Charleston, and Joey worked at a spark-plug plant.

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Though “Buckwild” has only had one season on MTV, the death of show star Shain Gandee made waves in showbiz and social media, raising questions about the future of the rowdy reality skein. Production was immediately halted on the second season of the show, which centers on a group of hard-partying young adults in West Virginia — part of the wave of hillbilly comedy-reality skeins clicking on cable these days.Thanks to Deadline we do know Guy Code’s Andrew Schulz will be hosting the brand new series.The network has given a 20-episode order to the dating series, so fans of the network should be seeing a lot of the new program and should be hearing more about The Hook-Up in the coming weeks.He stopped in Pet Co and went buck wild on cat accessories for Taylor. “He's also preparing to send her this sick designer bag that she can put her cats in when she's travelling.It's Drake being Drake and his way of letting her know that she's good people and keeping her close to him.If that sounds pretty vague, it’s because very few details about The Hook-Up have been released by the network thus far.


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