Black dating jewish man woman

People sometimes underestimate how exhausting it can be dealing with negative issues.Are they able to support each other, stand up for one another, willing to leave someone, activity behind for the other?While I was in history class today, someone brought this up, and apparently there's a trend (statistically) that Jewish Men date and marry Black Women more than any group besides Jewish Women.Where did this come from, and why are people so concerned about it?

So please, no “special snowflakes” coming in to brag about how they have absolutely no trouble at all snagging Brad Pitt’s doppelgänger just by “being themselves.” That might be nice for you, but I’d venture to say that the majority of black women have not a clue how to date effectively to land the man that they deserve and deserves them.

) it is genocidal race mixing propaganda all the same. Famous jewesses with black men is not a combination we should support.

Your average white sheeple can't tell whites and the majority of jews apart, though a few of them, if not enough mixed with whites, may look ethnic.

A few years ago, one of my co-workers was a jewish woman who only dated black men. They were constantly offering to pay for her to take a vacation to Israel in the hope that she would meet a "nice jewish boy." It was hilarious to watch their despair at the thought of what their grandchildren would be.

So yes, I fully support jews dating and procreating with blacks.


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