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As headquarters of many European institutions, Brussels might also be considered something of a capital for the European Union.

Prostitution itself is legal in Belgium, but the law prohibits operating brothels and other forms of pimping or assisting immigration for the purpose of prostitution.

A second attack and on the Metro train system saw an explosion at Maalbeek station, adding a further 15 to the estimated death toll.

Survivors and witnesses to the attacks are helping the injured.

I can count on one hand the number of boyfriends I’ve had. It just means it’s easier to find sex than it is a boyfriend in New York.

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In fact, in many cases by the second date a couple is already “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” here.

Footage shows an airport official insisting people help a wheelchair user evacuate at Brussels airport following the two blasts.

A handy tourist office (7), more grandly known as the House of the Capital Region, is located on Place Royale (00 32 ;

Here, you can break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and move out and have a new boyfriend or girlfriend within a week or two, or even days.

I see people moving in together after just a month of dating. I’ve had discussions with Belgians my age and younger and older and it doesn’t matter.


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